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The TENG Company Presents Its New Recital Series to Showcase Budding Guzheng Musicians
05 Mar 2024




SINGAPORE -The TENG Company (“TENG”) is premiering its brand-new educational concert series, The TENG Recital Series, and will feature the Guzheng in its first edition. Titled “溯•筝 Transcendence”, the concert is presented by The TENG Company, as part of its 20thanniversary celebrations, and Mapletree Investments (“Mapletree” or “The Group”). The recital will be held at Mapletree Business City on 5thApril 2024 and the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre on 6thApril 2024. Tickets to the concert are available for purchase via Eventbrite at S$10 each, with a discounted rate of S$18 for a bundled pair of tickets.

The recital starts at 6pm on 5thApril and 7.30pm on 6thApril and will be hosted by TENG’s Creative Director, Dr Samuel Wong. Guzheng player Johnny Chia from The TENG Ensemble will make his directorial debut in his capacity as the recital’s Music Director and will also perform alongside fellow TENG Ensemble Guzheng player Sim Kee, Mapletree-TENG scholars Juliette Goh and Athena Hong. Auditions were conducted among select Chinese Instrumental Music Grading Examination (CIMGE) Guzheng candidates and eight individuals were picked to be performers for the recital concert. The eight Guzheng players from the CIMGE are Chow Zi Tong, Amelia Zhu Jia Hui, Kong Zi Xuan, Jeniffer Jolie Wijaya, Emma Low, Lim Si Yi, Yu Ting and Teoh Bo Yu. The TENG Ensemble’s Gabriel Hoe and Joachim Lim will accompany the performers on the keyboard and percussion, respectively. 

“溯•筝 Transcendence” will comprise three chapters: Traditional (ancient), Classical (1940s - 1980s) and Contemporary (1980s - present). Each chapter will feature Guzheng works from the respective era including classic favourites like ‘Fighting Against The Typhoon’《战台风》and more cutting-edge works like ‘As Thus’《如是》. Through various pieces, the audience will also learn more about the Guzheng and its playing styles such as Henan Zheng and Chaozhou Zheng

Said Mr Edmund Cheng, Chairman, Mapletree: “This concert is well aligned to our Corporate Social Responsibility pillars of arts and education. It showcases Mapletree’s commitment to supporting the continued development of performing arts and provides a platform for Mapletree-TENG scholars to shine, emphasising our dedication to enriching communities through music and understanding of Guzheng heritage.”

"As part of our 20th anniversary, TENG has created a special concert that will showcase a collection of virtuosic and lesser-known Guzheng chamber work. We are proud to feature musicians from The TENG Ensemble along with past and present Mapletree scholars, alongside high scorers from TENG's Grading Examinations in this intimate recital,” said Dr Wong. 

The TENG Recital Series is a series of educational concerts to expound on various Chinese instruments. The recitals will also serve as a platform for budding musicians and Mapletree-TENG scholars to perform and showcase their musical talents in collaboration with musicians from The TENG Ensemble.



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