Key Facts
Developing for success and sustainability
Empowering Individuals, Enriching Communities

Community Impact

At Mapletree, we incorporate sustainable practices and endeavour to generate positive outcomes for the communities in which we operate. The Group is committed to fostering long-term partnerships with stakeholders and beneficiaries with sustained impact for generations to come. 

Mapletree’s Group-wide CSR framework is guided by two broad objectives of empowering individuals through supporting educational and healthcare initiatives, as well as enriching communities through the arts and environmental sustainability. With these two objectives, the Group's CSR efforts focuses on four key CSR pillars - the arts, education, the environment and healthcare. The initiatives are based on definable social outcomes, long-term engagement and staff volunteerism opportunities. In FY22/23, we committed approximately S$5.5 million to corporate social responsibility causes. For more information on our CSR framework, click here

Nurturing our People with the Right Environment

Mapletree’s human resource strategies help foster a progressive workplace – one where every employee feels valued, respected and empowered. The Group recognises the importance of employee retention, in particular, how continuity provides a competitive edge to our company. We emphasise the upskilling of our employees by enhancing their competencies and self-efficacy, which in turn leads to growth and success for the business.

The Group also prioritises the health and safety of all employees and stakeholders at our properties and ensure that provide a safe environment that contributes to employees’ health and well-being.

A Culture of Acceptance

Mapletree recognises the value of diversity in our leadership. As at 31 March 2023, 54% of senior management positions, as well as 20% of our board members, are female. The Board Diversity Policy highlights the criteria regarding the appointment of new Directors to the Board, including factors such as business and industry experience, and relevant aspects of diversity such as age, gender, and cultural ethnicity. In a further commitment to gender diversity on the Mapletree Board and in line with the targets set out by the Council for Board Diversity, the Group has set an aspirational target to achieve at least 25% and 30% of female representation on Mapletree's Board by 2025 and 2030 respectively. 

For more information on our human resource strategies, click here.