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Securities Trading by Employees

For all Mapletree Group employees, we have promulgated an internal policy on prudent trading of securities of the Mapletree group of companies. Employees are apprised of insider trading laws regularly and reminders are issued prior to start of trading “blackout periods”. The policy also requires employees to give pre-trading notifications before any dealings in Mapletree-related securities.

Code of Conduct and Whistleblowing

The Mapletree Group embraces an internal code on General Conduct & Discipline that sets out the framework and guidelines for staff on ethical values such as honesty and responsibility, as well as appropriate conduct for our employees.

Our Whistleblowing Policy further provides an avenue for employees (both permanent and short-term) and external parties to raise concerns about illegal, unethical or otherwise inappropriate behaviour observed in the course of our businesses. These include questionable accounting, fraud or employee misconduct. The policy contains strong assurance that whistleblowers will be protected from reprisals or victimisation if reports are made in good faith or are not malicious and it further provides guidance in its enforcement by listing examples of reportable behaviour. The three direct reporting channels that have been set apart and handled with confidential safeguards are: Group General Counsel, Head of Internal Audit and Chairman of Audit Committee. For queries or to make a report, please write to

Contract Signatories

A contract on behalf of Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd or any Mapletree group company may only be signed by (a)(i) a company director, or (a)(ii)  in the case of PRC company, by its Legal Representative, or (a)(iii) in the case of a Japanese company, by its Representative Director, or (a)(iv) in the case of a Vietnamese company, by its General Director, or (a)(v) in the case of a Korea company, by its Representative Director, or (b)(i) such authorised signatory as approved by a resolution of the respective Board of Directors or (b)(ii) its signatory policy. If in doubt, please contact

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