Key Facts
Developing for success and sustainability
Supporting the Transition To A Low Carbon Economy

Mapletree reduces its impact on the environment through a multitude of eco-initiatives, which are aimed at meeting the Paris Agreement and Singapore’s net-zero ambition.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency

As most building-related carbon emissions arise from energy use, Mapletree aims to improve the energy performance of our properties to combat climate change. The Group continually seeks opportunities to enhance energy efficiency through asset enhancement initiatives such as:

  • Continuous renewal and retrofitting to capitalise on higher efficiency and high-tech solutions to achieve greater productivity in our building systems certifications.
  • Using energy-efficient LED lighting in common areas to reduce the overall energy consumption of lighting fixtures.
  • Increase the usage of renewable energy at properties, where possible. 

Harnessing the Power of Solar Energy

​Solar panels on the roof of Global Infocity Park Chennai, India


Global Technology Park

Since 2018, solar energy has powered approximately 90% of GTP.



Global Infocity Park Chennai

Rooftop solar panels have a generating capacity of
164.25 kWp since 2017.



Mapletree Ouluo Logistics Park

Onsite rooftop solar panels on two buildings generate a total of 600 kWp and reduces 470.5 tonnes of CO2 annually.


Prudent Water Management 

The Group also recognises the importance of prudent water management and works proactively with stakeholders to reduce water consumption and improve the efficiency of water use. Some of our water-saving initiatives include:

  • Use of renewed or reclaimed water for cooling towers and other non-potable uses where possible and practical (e.g. NEWater in Singapore).
  • Skipping two days of irrigation after each day of rainfall and using PUB’s Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme sanitary fittings and accessories for toilets.

 Effective Waste Management

As Mapletree expands its portfolio, the total amount of waste collected at our properties will inevitably increase. The Group is committed to prudent waste management at our properties. We encourage our employees, tenants, and visitors to prioritise sustainable methods of waste disposal such as recycling. Recycling bins are readily available at prominent and high traffic areas throughout our premises.